About us

RS Medis was founded 1995 in Vilnius by the German Christian Ranft. 1999-2005 the company had additionally an representative & sales office in Bremen, Germany.

Main products in the 90ties was softwood (spruce and pine) exported to Germany for construction and packing-material (pallets). Later on as well planned 4-sides (S4S) and in last years additionally pressure impregnated by Nordic Impregnation Classes A and AB.

Sibirian Larch as single cut boules for carpenters, sawn timber for planning industry, Lamella for door-, and window-scantlings, Decking-Profiles.

Another main product-field since 20 years is the trading and intermediating of European hardwoods, mostly from Eastern Europe, such as Baltic and Russian Birch, Black Alder, Oak, Ash, Aspen from different areas.

Semi finished products as Window-Scantlings, Eged glued panels, massive and panel-products for the furniture and flooring industry and their suppliers. A very special product are massive bended furniture parts f.e. for chair industry.

High-Class Engineered Flooring, mostly two layer flooring with Birch Plywood as base, in Oak, Ash, Walnut, Douglas or Bogwood made in Lithuania.

We are working onyl with top class suppliers, with whom we are in close relation for a long time. Most our clients we are supplying for over 20 years. We are not one-day flyers, concentrating on long-term-projects with our suppliers and clients.